Equery R6 Device

The Controller

Equery R6
EQUERY R6 device is the first multi-channel, whole-body NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (WB-NMES) device with built-in infrared therapy features specially developed for horses.

EQUERY is setting the standard to the highest when it comes to safety features. Our professional users, whether vets, physiothera-pists or horse trainers are ensured that treatments will be the safest for both the horses and to the user. Equery is equipped with worldwide patented safety features such as IST, No-Load Trip and special P2P connection, all to maintain robust and safe operation.


EQUERY was designed specifically to horse professionals by experts from the life sciences, bioinformatics, software engineering and equine sectors.

The result is an easy to use and effective system that can be used even in harsher conditions.

Smart & Easy

Using the latest, innovative solutions combined with expertise from horse professionals EQUERY system is a practical system supporting professional, daily use.

Warm-up / Strength Training / Rehabilitation / Relax / Cooling down

Unique programs designed by horse professionals, for horse professionals

Multiple pre-set programs provide wide range of applications for different indications, from relaxing tighter muscles to strengthening weaker muscles, through rehabilitating enervated muscles. Reviewing and selecting the right pre-set programs with the ideal parameters, as well as controlling the overall strength and the muscle-group specific intensities can be all done easily and wirelessly from the EQUERY Controller. Other parameters, such as impulse depth or width (PW in short, us), frequencies (Hz) and ramp up and ramp down (s), can be selected by choosing the right pre-set program.



Muscle activation stimulates the circulatory system, reduces muscular overloads and relaxes the muscles by releasing endorphins and speeding-up lactate clearance.



Elevates body temperature and improves muscle activation for optimal flexibility and efficiency, reducing the possibility of injury.



Improves strength and speed by intensive and deep muscle stimulations. Powerful and full contractions make the muscles stronger and more durable.



Maximises fatigue resistance, improves overall aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and increases cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory endurance.



Increases the intensity of the cellular metabolic processes and helps to eliminate toxins and accelerate regeneration.



Stimulates the circulatory system through deep and rapid muscle activation, improves muscular abilities from superficial muscles to the deepest layers.

Sophisticated design and high quality materials

The Controller’ case is made of a CNC milled polyamide and a lightweight aluminium alloy. Thanks to the special material of the Controller it can be used in a non-slip, stable manner. The lightweight and easy to use Controller is powered by high quality and high capacity lithium-ion batteries.

Finest materials
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Aluminium
  • Plexiglass
  • Poliamid
High contrast
LCD display
Make it visible in various weather conditions
at all times of the day

Low power consumption with bright led backlight

Super-fast & safe charging with long operation time

Up to ~30 hours of continuous operation

We understand that charging batteries is not always an option, so we equipped the EQUERY system with high capacity batteries with many hours of running time, giving you enough juice for multiple sessions with a single charge.

Still, when charging is needed then you can charge it up rapidly, so that your EQUERY system is ready for the next session.

Smart internal flash memory

The Equery R6 Device creates statistics about every trainings or treatments and it save them into the secure internal flash drive. The data is easily accessible. It helps to follow your activity to make regularity system. The internal drive fast and secure so you don't have to be afraid for lose your data.