Equery R6 Device

The Technical Suite

New dimension in horse care

The Equery R6 Technical Suite

The EQUERY suits, available in different sizes, are made from a resistant and ultra-durable cordura material to fit and serve all horse sizes. Their main purpose is to keep the electrodes, cables and heating pads in place securely and comfortably. The EQUERY R&D team has designed the EQUERY technical blanket to horse professionals specifically. We understand that time is a crucial resource in the horse world too, so we made the suits not only easy to use, but also very quick to apply on the horse, fully supporting regular and professional use.

EQUERY R6 suits have 6 electrode pairs treating important muscle groups, such as Brachialis, Trapezius, Deltoideus, Gluteus maximus, Latissimus dorsi, Tensor fasciae latae and Biceps femoris. In addition, the suit has an infrared heating panel that enables heat therapies with variable wavelength and intensity for maximum efficiency.

The durable material is easy to clean and lightweight to carry and wear. Due to the elastic velcro bands and the extra thick and super-homogenous electrodes the EQUERY suit ensures the best connection between the electrodes and the muscles. The cables are ultra-flexible thanks to the multi-layer coating and highly durable as it is hidden inside the horse wear. The connection to the EMS Unit is with a special magnetic gold pin connector that helps the user to connect or disconnect the cables to the EMS Unit quickly and easily.

Unique design for equal impulses

Equery Electrodes

One of the most important elements of EMS devices: the ELECTRODES.

The Flexible Carbon Plate Electrodes (FCPE), applied by EQUERY, have been used widely and successfully in the human electrical muscle stimulation field for more than a decade (more than one million FCPE electrodes have been serving clients in 50+ countries since 2010).

The FCPE3.0 electrodes used by EQUERY are the upgraded versions of the original, human FCPE version, by a triple water absorbance layer resulting in better conductivity and connection for horses. This enables comfortable and easy application, so neither the horse, nor the user has to make any compromises.

Equery IR Technology

EQUERY infrared (IR) heat therapy increases local blood circulation and metabolism and so reduces muscle soreness and stiffness. State-of-the-art Infrared technology helps the EQUERY system boosting its US patented EMS technology.

Infrared heating assisted thermotherapy is an important part of the EQUERY system that helps easing muscle stiffness and tightness. The physiological benefits of thermotherapy have been known for thousands of years by different cultures. Sunshine, heated sand or stone and hot water have always been effective tools in therapies against pain and diseases since the beginning of time. Thermotherapy by infrared technology can effectively loosen the stiffness of muscles caused by physical fatigue and ease chronic musculoskeletal pain. Lameness, Rhabdomyolysis (Tying-up) This ancient method inspired the development of the EQUERY system, which delivers a perfect combination of all the benefits of thermotherapy and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).